Inner Circle Avenue


Press Features

...Toledo's altrock quartet Inner Circle Avenue are not only taking up the cause, but they're showing that great rock doesn't have to come from New York or LA. ”

— Moshpit Magazine

They are currently working with Grammy nominated producer, Matt Dalton, of Metro 37 Studios [now known as Rock Hill Sound] to finish recording the album.”

— Nicky Baldrian, Fireworks Magazine (UK)

Toledo Rocks with Inner Circle Avenue's 'Goin Nowhere Fast' ... the track [Goin' Nowhere Fast] has a fresh feel. Hopefully we’ll see more from this talented young group soon!”

Alyssa Christian, Antihero Magazine

This is a punk rock EP [Greetings from the Inner Circle], and a good one at that. ‘Goin Nowhere Fast’ is filled to the brim and doesn’t dare stop.”

Gabe Straight, Boston Rock Radio - EP Review

That introductory record [Greetings from the Inner Circle] went far in exposing the co-ed act to a variety of music fans...”

Pat 'Riot' Whitaker - Lead Journalist/Writer, Riff Relevant

Inner Circle Avenue "Goin' Nowhere Fast," and inviting us along for the ride!”

Melody Thomas, Rock Revolt

The song, “Goin’ Nowhere Fast”, illustrates young souls looking for a sense of belonging in a confusing and tumultuous world. [Statement by Inner Circle Avenue]”

Ashlyn Montgomery, National Spotlight Music News

The disillusioned youth trope may be done to death but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be done well, and Inner Circle Avenue shows exactly how. Say what you will but catchy rallying cries are still appreciated for a reason.”

Mathew Kahansky, A Journal of Music Things