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...Toledo's altrock quartet Inner Circle Avenue are not only taking up the cause, but they're showing that great rock doesn't have to come from New York or LA. ”

— Moshpit Magazine

Toledo Rocks with Inner Circle Avenue's 'Goin Nowhere Fast' ... the track [Goin' Nowhere Fast] has a fresh feel. Hopefully we’ll see more from this talented young group soon!”

Alyssa Christian, Antihero Magazine

This is a punk rock EP [Greetings from the Inner Circle], and a good one at that. ‘Goin Nowhere Fast’ is filled to the brim and doesn’t dare stop.”

Gabe Straight, Boston Rock Radio - EP Review

They are currently working with Grammy nominated producer, Matt Dalton, of Metro 37 Studios [now known as Rock Hill Sound] to finish recording the album.”

— Nicky Baldrian, Fireworks Magazine (UK)

Inner Circle Avenue

Short Bio 

Pop Rock

Blissfield, MI (USA)/Toledo, OH (USA)

AMG/Sony Music Entertainment

Cumulus Media/Big Machine Label Group (Taylor Swift) - 2017 Next2Rock Local Winners and Nationally Recognized Band

As a band comprised of three siblings, Inner Circle Avenue is an alternative/pop rock group who is captivating listeners across the United States. Since being added to 120+ radio stations across the US, this powerhouse sibling trio has begun to break into different radio charts with their new 2019 album, "Glass Galaxy". The 2019 album debuted in the
#3 spot on WVMM (Pennsylvania),
#4 on WDCV (Pennsylvania),
#12 on WIPZ (Wisconsin),
#14 on WSBU (New York), and
#27 on KMSC (Minnesota).
The album, "Glass Galaxy", also peaked at 
#2 on WRST (Wisconsin),
#5 on WLFR (New Jersey),
#25 on KSYM (Texas), and
#26 on WVMW (Pennsylvania),
while receiving notable airplay from other stations such as KFAI (Minnesota), WVAU (Washington, DC), KSSU (Sacramento, CA), KNDS (North Dakota), KRKQ (Colorado), KRUA (Alaska) and many more!

Inner Circle Avenue has worked with top music industry professionals such as multi-platinum producer Jim Wirt (Cleveland, OH), and Grammy nominated producer, Matt Dalton (Rochester Hills, MI), to truly cultivate their sound. Hailing from the small town of Blissfield, Michigan, this sibling trio exhibits an overall sense of family, camaraderie and passion for music  Each member of Inner Circle Avenue is classically trained on multiple instruments and when combined, have decades of musical performance experience. From pop anthems to upbeat alternative rock tunes and emotional ballads, the band aims to illustrate stories within their songs, which listeners can interpret on a personal level. The stories within each song create a map, dotted with emotion, where the listener can choose their own path of perception. Through their dynamic music and electric onstage presence, Inner Circle Avenue always unites the audience as a family for a one-of-a-kind experience during every live performance.

Stay tuned for an announcement of a NEW secret project the band has been working on with multi-platinum producer, Jim Wirt!

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